April, 2018

November 2017 - Cast as lead Heather Kirby in director Latham Conegar's second feature The Seed of Doubt, filming January through April in Palatine, IL. Also performed in The Womens Theater Alliance showcase at the Greenhouse Theater and was accepted into One on One NYC

December 2017 - Launched pre-production for feature comedy You Need to Stop as a writer/producer/actor with Colin Hinckley and Ben Mankoff  

January 2018 - Started Acting on Camera with Vincent Singleton at The Second City Training Center, Chicago

February 2018 - Cast as The Frog in Bittersweet Arts Companys first full length play Stranger on the River, running May 24th - June 3rd at The Den Theatre.

March 2018 - Cast as AP in Zachary Green's comic short Grumble with Joette Waters and Katherine Bellantone

April 2018 - Cast in Bridey Hick's thesis film at Second Citys Harold Ramis Film SchoolAlso premiered my original short Hometown Tarot in Bittersweet Arts Company's Insect Orchestra